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Trading Car Decals For Discounts

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Many companies now-a-days are focusing millions of dollars on advertising. Just watch the Super Bowl some time and count up how many commercials you see for certain businesses. Then consider how much money they are paying, per second, for you to see that ad. The crazy thing is, the commercials are the times that most people get up and go to the bathroom or grab more dip, and they won’t even see the commercial. There is another way that businesses can invest in advertising though, without throwing money into commercials and billboards that might not even be seen. This way is car decals. buy trailer

Car decals can be large or small and are simple to attain. And, on top of it all, they won’t cost you millions of dollars per second for people to see them. Obviously car decals have been around for a while, and we’ve all see the car driving down the highway that is covered in crazy colors and slogans advertising for some company. Car decals don’t have to be that extreme though (but you see, since we’ve all see those cars, the advertising is obviously working). What some business are starting to do is offer discounts to customers simply for allow them to apply a decal to their car.

These companies are generally in some sort of auto related field, but they don’t have to be. In fact this may be something that your business should consider. Basically how it works is, a customer will come into your business asking for a particular service or product that you offer. You, being the good business that you are, will give them what they are looking for but also mention that there is a possibility for a discount. At this point you would explain to the customer that if they would be willing to put a car decal on their car for a certain period of time, you can knock off a chunk of cash off of their total. Some customers may be leery of car decals, but once you ensure them how safe and easy it is to install and remove the decals they will be more open to it.

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