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Future Car Body Switch-Out Trading Scheme and Life Time Chassis Considered

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In the future car bodies will be made out of carbon nano-tube construction which will be 250 times stronger than steel (no shopping cart dents basically) and 50 times lighter in weight, which will lead to incredible fuel efficiency, or battery charge per mile and thus, also better performance too. This long-lasting carbon based material will also last for a long time, so rather than throwing the car away when you are done, just take off the body and trade it for the new body style of your choice.

The new buyer of that car body can simply have it repainted to their color choice and use it for as long as they like. Whereas the automakers may not like this scheme, because they rely on planned obsolescence, as new body styles to progress in popularity, thus, they can sell more cars – I guarantee our environment and our landfill operators will be quite thankful that we are not filling them up with rusted iron-oxide car bodies. sell trailer

You see, people go through different stages of life, when you are young and single you want a sports car, and when you are married and have young children you want a minivan, and later you probably want an SUV. As you get much older all you want is a nice hybrid vehicle that goes from point A to point B and never breaks. You are not looking for something snazzy, or to impress anyone, you just want something simple to get you around town.

Since this is how society works, and how the lifecycle plays out with regards to automobile ownership, it only makes sense that we would go ahead and use such technologies and strategies in efficient ways which limit the waste, and save the consumer money. The robust drive-train and chassis could be upgraded as needed – and different gearing or transmission gears could be put into place or removed quickly. This would solve the problems for the need for fast acceleration for the sports car, or more torque and power for an SUV or minivan.

Those who need pickup trucks may wish the transmission to be geared lower, and perhaps add a couple of springs, and beefier brakes – maybe a tow hitch for the chassis. This would be really easy to do if your car would be a set of components and you just switched-out what you need or when you desired to change the body style as you get older. Please consider all this and this futurist topic.

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